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  • 2012 Scottsdale Championships



    Team Midwest  . . . Making Memories . . . Setting Standards

    *Midwest Salutes


    35 Scottsdale Champions & Reserves

    40 Top Ten Award Winners &

    Both Supreme Halter Championships!

    Scottsdale Week Highlights
    Sunday is a great day to spend with your family . . . especially when that family happens to be the expansive circle of loved ones known affectionately as Team Midwest.

    At the February Scottsdale Show, Championship Sunday was an especially grand occasion for Midwest, marking the culmination of an event that kicked off another record breaking Horse Show, Midwest shined––in fact, brighter than ever before––when one great horse after another earned a series of 35 championships including both the Half Arabian and the Purebred Arabian Supreme Halter Awards that will stay in memory forever.

    Midwest’s Scottsdale Show triumphs were a perfect celebration, following three months of preparation, anticipation and shared effort that led up to this inaugural event of our show year.

    Our winter season–––began when Team Midwest came together at the farm in Scottsdale for a New Year’s Eve celebration on what was one of the special in memory––That sunny day, Midwest hosted the ArabHorse.com Farm Tour Finale, where family, friends and guests enjoyed a preview of spectacular Invitational Sale consignments and an unequaled display of stallion power with an “all hands on deck” presentation of the magnificent National Champion stallions of Midwest, Magnum Psyche, Vitorio TO, LD Pistal, Aria Impresario, Onitnelav, Vegas DPA  and the much anticipated introduction of the Polish National Champion, *Pogrom.

    The ArabHorse.com Farm Tour Benefit Auction closed the evening bringing the total raised for
    Healing Hearts Animal Rescue and Refuge to $35,000.

    Midwest Welcomes Luciana Fasano and Fazenda Floresta to the TEAM!

    On Saturday February 25th, Midwest welcomed Luciana and her stallions of Fazenda Floresta to the team with a wonderful afternoon celebration at the farm. Luciana brought a touch of her spectacular Fazenda Floresta, near São Paulo, Brazil, to Scottsdale for the party that Saturday afternoon. She treated her guests to her renowned decorating skills as she hosted a presentation of her magnificent Arabian stallions. In her classic style she transformed the pavilion to a sea of red, white and blue for one of the most beautiful dessert tables imaginable.

    The setting was a perfect complement to a spectacular sunny afternoon as an overflowing crowd gathered for a close up look at her prized Arabians. These horses are very aware of their owner and their true companionship was quite evident as they waited for her personal attention after showing their stuff to the audience.

    AAS-Elishahh – Son of National Champion Eden C, this extraordinary bay colt is already destined for greatness. Already a Two Time National Champion and Las Vegas World Cup Champion at just the age of 3.

    Al Hadiyah AA – Straight Egyptian Champion stallion sired by the significant international sire of national champions Laheeb and out of the magnificent and incomparable black mare The Vision HG. His beauty is unmatched!

    Eccentric Valentino – A National Champion Stallion and perhaps one of the best bred sons of the great DA Valentino. He was the 2012 Scottsdale Champion 5 Year Old Stallion and now he continues  his journey as he makes his way two Brazil.

    OFW Wan and Only – Representing the very best of what dreams are made of this young colt exudes the look of the great sire lines of Marwan, Magnum Psyche, Padrons Psyche and Bey Shah.

    Now a glance back at the Show...

    The Scottsdale Show opened on Thursday, February 16th. Shortly thereafter the roofline of the Midwest stalls began filling up with Championship Roses! Ten days later, that same roofline was covered with an astonishing testimony to the stellar achievements of the great horses of Team Midwest, their owners, trainers, grooms and handlers. All in all, on display were symbols signifying...

    40 Top Ten wins, 8 Reserve Championships and 27 Scottsdale Championships!

    Courtney Boggs earned a Top Ten Award in Arabian English Show Hack, with BP KlassiqueBey and younger sister Miss Emma Boggs––showing in the youth division––brought in a clean sweep with six consecutive Scottsdale Halter wins!

    For her part, Lyndsey Boggs enjoyed the show through one of her passions, the camera lens, recording for posterity Midwest family achievements.

    AND, not to be outdone, the youngest member of the Boggs clan, Mr. Jake Boggs, was named Grand Champion in the Lead line Equitation - Riders 2 to 7 Years of age.

    In the Winner’s Circle...

    Tribute Thyme SA, charmed and amazed the judges and the audience with an outstanding performance to win the Platinum Performance Arabian Liberty Final. Alcides Rodrigues and Jason Tackett were his "ring men" for owner Jason Tackett.

    It’s a widely accepted fact within the Arabian horse show community that the competition in Scottsdale is stiffer than any other Arabian Horse Show––anywhere. So, to claim a total of 15 of the final Scottsdale Championships for 2012 is an amazing accomplishment.

    Congratulations go to:

    • Unanimous Supreme Champion Half Arabian and Junior Champion Filly Beni TG with Rinaldo Longuini showing for owners Todd & Glenna Weegens.

    • Unanimous Champion Half Arabian Saddle/Pleasure Yearling Colts/Geldings He Be A Badazz with Dagmar Gordiano for Team Midwest

    AJ Marino was voted MVP as he all but swept the ScottsdaleSignature Stallion division bringing in over $100,000 with his Signature Champions:

    • Sultan ORA: Unanimous Champion Scottsdale Signature Stallion AUCTION Colt
    • Victoria Principle M: Unanimous Champion Scottsdale Signature Stallion Yearling Filly
    • Dominic M: Unanimous Champion Scottsdale Signature Stallion Yearling Colt
    • Kharisma M: Unanimous Champion Scottsdale Signature 2 Year Old Filly

    • Jason Tackett with Mi Grand Valentino captured the Two Year Old Scottsdale Signature Stallion Colt Class.
    • Unanimous Scottsdale Classic Senior Champion Mare, JJ La Baronesa, with David showing for Haras Mayed, Fernando & Joaquin de Santibanes.
    • Scottsdale Classic Senior Champion Stallion, Aria Impresario, with David showing for The Aria Impresario Partners.

    And finally, the crème de la crème of the February wins, the 2012 Scottsdale Arabian Classic Supreme Championship, the amazing Aria Impresario adding it to the amazing collection of Championships for the newly formed Partnership.

    Scottsdale 2012 is now one for the record books. These ten days of Scottsdale played fitting tribute to 50 years of dedication and hard work, and the never ending search for the best of the best in the Arabian breed.

    Aria Impresario

    (Marwan al Shaqab x GC Echlectica)
    Scottsdale Arabian Surpreme Halter Champion
    Scottsdale Grand Champion Stallion
    Scottsdale Champion 6 & 7-Year-Old Stallion
    Scottsdale Get of Sire Champion

    Beni TG

    (DA Valentino x Rohara Mademoiselle)
    Scottsdale Half-Arabian Supreme Halter Champion
    Scottsdale Champion Half-Arabian Yearling Filly
    Scottsdale Junior Champion Half-Arabian Filly (Unanimous)

    *JJ La Baronesa

    (Magnum Psyche x NV Angelica)
    Scottsdale Champion Senior Mare
    Scottsdale Champion 4-Year-Old Mare

    Tribute Thyme SA

    Pryme Thyme x Diamond Tribute
    Scottsdale Platinum Performance $5,000 Liberty Champion
    Scottsdale Reserve Champion Classic 5 Years & Older Stallion AAOTH

    Eccentric Valentino

    DA Valentino x Amelia B
    Scottsdale Champion 5-Year-Old Stallion

    Sultan ORA

    Vegas DPA x Raherra
    Scottsdale Champion Yearling Auction Colt (Unanimous)

    Imperious NA

    El Chall WR x Promises PSY
    Scottsdale Reserve Champion Yearling Auction Colt

    Victoria Principal M

    Vitorio TO x Diamond of Versace
    Scottsdale Signature Champion Yearling Filly

    Dominic M

    Da Vinci FM x Rosa la Valentina
    Scottsdale Signature Champion Yearling Colt

    Kharisma M

    DA Valentino x Kharmel BR
    Scottsdale Signature Champion 2-Year-Old Filly
    Scottsdale Top Ten 2-Year-Old Filly

    Mi Grand Valentino

    DA Valentino x Mi Grand Lady
    Scottsdale Signature Champion 2-Year-Old Colt

    *Festywa Alsa

    FA El Shawan x Festyna SA
    Scottsdale Champion 3-Year-Old Filly JTH
    Scottsdale Grand Champion Mare JTH
    Scottsdale Reserve Champion Classic 3-Year-Old Mare

    Vitale FM

    Da Vinci FM x Jewel DGL
    Scottsdale Champion 3 & Under Gelding JTH with Belle Skillings
    Scottsdale Top Ten 3-Year-Old Gelding

    DC Magnum Storm

    Magnum Psyche x Rohara Eclipse
    Scottsdale Champion 4 & Over Gelding JTH
    Scottsdale Grand Champion Gelding JTH

    Shes Still Jammin

    Monogramm JD x She Be Adiva KBS
    Scottsdale Champion Half-Arabian 2-Year-Old Filly
    Scottsdale Junior Reserve Champion Half-Arabian Filly

    He Be A Badazz

    JRA Azul x She Be Noble
    Scottsdale Champion Half-Arabian 2-Year-Old Gelding
    Scottsdale Junior Champion Gelding
    Scottsdale Champion Half-Arabian 2-Year-Old Colt JTH
    Scottsdale Grand Champion Half-Arabian Colt JTH

    Valente LD

    DA Valentino x Queen Adiamonds
    Scottsdale Champion 4-Year-Old Gelding
    Scottsdale Reserve Grand Champion Gelding


    Magnums Moon Shyne

    Magnum Psyche x JK Padroness
    Scottsdale Top Ten Yearling Auction Colt


    Eupphoria x Exquisita
    Scottsdale Top Ten Yearling Auction Colt
    Scottsdale Signature Top Ten Yearling Colt


    Rahere x Dyna HCF
    Scottsdale Top Ten Yearling Auction Colt

    MS Khasanova

    DA Valentino x MS Khandi
    Scottsdale Signature Top Ten Yearling Colt

    Aria Donna Morrisa

    Audacious PS x MM Sabiine
    Scottsdale Signature Top Ten Yearling Filly
    Scottsdale Top Ten Yearling Filly

    Shariff RCA

    Aria Impresario x Crysstell
    Scottsdale Reserve Champion 2-Year-Old Colt

    Bandit SRA

    DA Valentino x LL Albufera
    Scottsdale Signature Top Ten 2-Year-Old Colt

    Princess Stivalia LD

    Stival x Queen Adiamonds
    Scottsdale Signature Top Ten 2-Year-Old Filly

    Victorious LD

    DA Valentino x Queen Adiamonds
    Scottsdale Signature Top Ten 3-Year-Old Colt
    Scottsdale Top Ten 3-Year-Old Colt


    Kharalisa BPA

    Khadraj NA x Rhapsody In Gold
    Scottsdale International Arabian Breeders Classic Top Ten 3 & 4-Year-Old Mare

    Supreme Justice ORA

    WH Justice x LL Albufera
    Scottsdale International Arabian Breeders Classic Reserve Champion Yearling Colt of Jan. 1-April 15


    DA Valentino x Royal Ghazallah
    Scottsdale Reserve Champion Arabian Classic 4-Year-Old Stallion

    BP Klassique Bey

    Fairview Klassique x BP Meditation Bey
    Scottsdale Top Ten Arabian Show Hack JTR with Courtney Boggs

    See Ya Next Year!

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