2018 Arabian Breeders World Cup

April 12-15 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Arabian Breeders World Cup (ABWC) event returns to the South Point Equestrian Complex for the tenth consecutive year. The show is a celebration of the Arabian breed and the lifestyle associated with owning Arabian show horses. Worthy of its location on the glitzy Las Vegas Strip, the Equestrian Center is rated as the finest indoor horse facility in the country and hosts some of the most prestigious equestrian events in the world.

The Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance (AHBA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Arabian horse. The group is a worldwide community of breeders united in their passion and devotion to the Arabian, promoting thoughtful guardianship for future generations of these magnificent horses.

The Arabian Breeders World Cup 2017 plans for another blowout celebration. As one of the world’s premier purebred Arabian horse shows, this international competition garners global entries; over 26 countries are represented annually. The public is invited to this family-friendly, free general admission event.

A judged competition, it showcases the natural beauty, nobility, excitement and unique characteristics of the Arabian horse breed while providing a lively and entertaining experience for both breeders and those new to Arabian horses. The five-person panel of internationally renowned judges includes: Cedes Bakker of the Netherlands, Guillermo Concaro of Argentina, Van Jacobsen of the USA, Dr. Nasr Marei of Egypt, Graham Smith of Australia, and George Zbyszewski of Poland/USA.

To be certain, the Arabian Breeders World Cup is not the ordinary horse show experience. The tenth anniversary event of this spectacular Arabian horse extravaganza is not to be missed — even if you have never attended a horse show before, you will enjoy this “world class” weekend experience.

Presented by the Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance, the board consists of Directors: Scott Bailey, Robert Boggs, Jay Constanti, Kimberly M. Jarvis, Lawrence Jerome, Murray Popplewell, Robert North, James Swaenpoel and Chairman, Jeff Sloan. The ABWC show committee members are Executive Director, Phyllis LaMalfa; Show Manager, Taryl O’Shea; Sponsorships/VIP Coordinator, Scott Bailey; Commercial/Corperate Coordinator, Kelly Charpentier and Public Relations Director, Riyan Rivero.

The 2017 Arabian Breeders World Cup was host to some of the most influential Arabian horses, breeders and owners in the International Arabian community.  The AHBA Board of Directors extends a heartfelt thank you to the exhibitorssponsors and spectators for their continued support of this exciting event.

Future Show Dates:

April 12-15 2018  --  April 11-14 2019