Horse Insurance

It Takes a Horseman to Understand . . .

"It takes a horseman to understand." This C. Jarvis Insurance Agency motto explains one of the most essential reasons that Midwest is such a valued representative of this solid and well-established firm.

Since 1946, the C. Jarvis Agency has been providing complete insurance protection for family, farm, ranch, and livestock investments.

Says owner, Kim Jarvis: “We consider knowledge and expertise of all facets of the equine and animal industries crucial elements in our ability to provide proper service to our clients. Our commitment to professional service is our NUMBER ONE goal here at C. Jarvis Insurance Agency. Our entire staff is extremely knowledgeable relative to all facets of the equine business.”

The C. Jarvis Insurance Agency strives to provide the very best coverage available today for the horses and the people who own them. Specializing in policies that cover the sort of “out of ordinary” risks or “special requirements” that have become a necessity in this contemporary equine industry, C. Jarvis also offers all of the normal forms of coverage.

The company’s standard Equine Policy covers Mortality, including Theft and Ground Transit throughout the United States and Canada. Optional Endorsements available, but not limited to include: Major Medical, Surgical, Loss of Use, Stallion Permanent Disability and 12 Month Extension. Special coverage’s for breeding investments are also available. Unborn foal, Mare Breeding Suitability and Frozen Semen endorsements offer protection for your valuable breeding bloodstock.


For information and rates please contact:

C. Jarvis Insurance Agency, Inc.
49 E Garfield Rd
Aurora, OH 44202
Tel: 440.248.5330
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Jarvis Insurance

  • No deductible Surgical Insurance
  • Agreed Value/Guaranteed Renewal Coverage
  • Major Medical
  • Loss of Use
  • Equestrian Multigard
  • Tack Insurance
  • Farm Owners Protection
  • Care, Custody or Control